Crayfish Message

crayfish medicineThe message of Crayfish or crawdad as I use to call it, is to “face fears.”


Don’t hide from your fears. Now is the time to try to get things done. Don’t hide your abilities from others. You are protected.

I had a dream last night of crayfish. Then today, I took my son fishing and he was trying to catch crayfish with his fishing pole.

Apparently there is some fear I have to face, and a particular ability I have that I may be afraid to show others. Good news is that I’m protected.

So with this message I will pay close attention to what I may be afraid of and what ability that I may be suppressing from fear of possibly judgment of others.

Also, now being the time to “get things done”, I am looking at what things I’ve wanted to do, or maybe have to do.

Funny, because when I was a young child, sometime between 8 and 11 years old, I lived with my mother, brother and sister in Camp Verde Arizona along the Verde River. My daily adventures included going to school and coming home to our twelve foot mobile trailer and changing into my swimsuit. I couldn’t wait to get in the water and catch crawdads! We also cooked and ate some of them. I particularly liked to only eat the meat out of the tail and dip it in mustard.

Twenty-some years later and now I am having dreams about this creature. What could this mean? Well, thanks to Native American animal medicine, I have some guidance.

Thank you Crayfish for this beautiful message, and thank you great spirit for sending it to me.