Communicating with the Spirit World, Walking Between Worlds and learning to Balance the Physical and Spiritual Worlds are all an important part of the shamanic practice.

What is the difference between the Spirit world and the physical world?

The Spirit World

The Spirit world includes anything that is unseen and non-physical. This includes what we feel.

The Physical World

The Physical world includes anything material, animals and anything in nature that you can see or touch including other humans. This also includes the physical pain or pleasure we may feel.

Walking between Worlds

Hundreds of years ago, it would have been easier for the spiritual doctor of the tribe to live in the physical world while easily being able to communicate with the spirit world. Now, it can seem quite difficult to stay connected to the Spirit world when there is so much negativity and so many distractions all around us. These distractions include technology, mental interference from medications, radioactivity, cell phones, vehicles, money and having to get a job doing something you are not passionate about just to live a normal life according to modern societies expectations.

The Shaman of the tribe would have spent most of their time alone, away from the rest of the tribe, talking to the spirits, studying nature, collecting herbs and practicing their medicine. That’s why they were so good at it.

So how can we maintain our ability to communicate with the spiritual world and still find balance in living in the physical world as it is today?

One of the most important ways to stay connected is to keep our energy clear by:

  • Daily practice of what connects us to the spirit world.
  • Staying clear of negativity and anything or anyone that seems to zap your energy or take our power away.
  • Learn how to be fully immersed in a negative environment and still maintain our energy and personal power.
  • Clearing ourselves after being around negative energy.

How to create more balance:

Spend time in nature as often as possible, like a ritual. Find a safe space out in nature where you can reach a deep state of relaxation. Somewhere that is free of outside sounds or distractions. Turn off your cell phone if you have it with you. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Ask all of your spirit guides to be present. Then you can just sit quietly and listen. Sometimes something will happen to give you guidance. Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and anything that you notice happening around you.

Talking to the spirits:

Spirits may come to us in any form. For example, a spider just crawled across your path to a pile of sticks near the edge of a lake and begins to make a web. For some reason, it got your attention so you watch it carefully. It begins to make a large circle from branch to branch, then it starts to create a pattern that looks like spokes in a wheel. Then you notice it spiraling towards the center. Once it reaches the center, it just stops and sits there. You ask the spider, “What are you trying to show me?” Then you begin to understand that the spider specifically chose that location in the sticks and near the water. You know the reason the spider built the web is to catch food. The spider carefully takes it’s time to build the web and when it is done it just sits back and waits for its food to come to it. Then you may begin to see how this can relate to something in your life.

The spirits may come to us in the form wind blowing through the trees or as we gaze into a fire.

Sometimes, during a soul retrieval, you may have to communicate with a “bad” spirit. Often, this isn’t a bad spirit at all but a part of the client’s subconscious that created this entity to protect them somehow. They may give it a name and a description and it may seem very real to them. If it were a “real” bad spirit or entity that has taken power over the client, then you would need to do an extraction. This is usually caused by the client giving their power away to a person or situation which they felt powerless in the moment. One way to help your client take their power back from this situation or person is to simply say out loud, “You have no power over me.”

Sometimes you may just be open enough to see the physical manifestation of the spirit that is assisting you. These usually come in the form of a human or an animal. Sometimes even mythological creatures like a centaur, a griffin or a dragon.


Another way you can find balance is by drumming a steady beat that will help you reach an altered state of consciousness. This steady rhythm will relax you enough that you can hear the messages from the spirit world. How do you know that what you are hearing is not just you making it up? Well, it is you making it up! You are making up the message, the source from which it is coming from, the voice and the way it is delivered. So then you could say that this is your own intuition speaking. Yes, it is! Once you can understand this and learn to trust it, then you can understand how communication with the spiritual world works.

Communication with those who have already crossed over:

When communicating with those who have already crossed over, on behalf of your client, you just have to trust what they are saying and relay the message to your client without changing the message in any way. Sometimes the messages are very direct and we think it might hurt the client’s feelings so we will hold back or sugar coat the message. Don’t do this. Instead, you could let your client know that you are just the messenger or the hollow bone. Often when I am communicating with past relatives of my client, I will ask my client, “if your mother was here today, what would she tell you?” Sometimes I even act as a mediator between them. Find what works for you and trust the process.

Drug-free practice:

Although some medicine people may use mind-altering substances to help their client reach an altered state of consciousness, it is not necessary for communicating with the spirit world.