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Improve IVF Success Rates with Flo Living

Improve IVF Success Rates with Flo LivingImprove IVF success rates is very challenging, and women should look to improve their chances by following a healthy, nutritious diet..

The unspoken secret to IVF success rates

While your doctor may be honest with you about those disappointing average success rates, what you are not likely to hear is that there is a way to dramatically boost your chances of getting pregnant from IVF.

When you’re investing incredible amounts of time, money, and psychological capital into an IVF cycle, you want to do everything you can to make it a success. But you don’t want to take up every hour of your day and every little space in your heart with another “must-do” that could make you feel guilty if you don’t do it. I’ve spent years studying ways to improve your chances, what could lower your success rate, and what is nothing more than a bunch of nonsense. Keep reading to find out.

A quick example of the power of diet – women who drink five or more cups of coffee a day can increase their chance of getting pregnant via IVF according to a Danish study. This study shows that what you consume has a direct impact on your fertility and your dietary choices affect your IVF outcomes.

First we must get nutritionally primed to optimize conception success…

It’s best to start priming yourself for pregnancy six months to a year before you start the IVF process – that might sound like a long time planning, but, believe me, the better your body is prepped, the more likely it is to work first time!

By following the Flo Living dieting protocol you will be optimizing your weekly hormonal ratios, but there are four additional ways you can hack your eating plan to maximize the potential for pregnancy.

  • Reduce inflammation: Incorporate sprouted and fermented foods during your follicular phase to deliver as many bioavailable nutrients as possible to the ovary.
  • Energize your eggs: Consume the majority of your fruits and vegetables raw during ovulation to up egg-boosting glutathione levels.
  • Boost Progesterone: Eat liver-supporting sweet root vegetables, like sweet potatoes, and leafy greens from the brassica family, like kale, during the luteal phase to make sure you are eliminating estrogen efficiently and keeping an optimal ratio of estrogen and progesterone for pregnancy maintenance and to reduce the likelihood of miscarriage.
  • Boost your mineral stores: Replenish your minerals during the menstrual phase by consuming sea vegetables, avocados, and/or some free-range animal protein to deeply nourish your endocrine system for the next cycle.

Always remember, that once you have the right information about how your body really works, you can start making health choices that finally start to work for you! You can do this – the science of your body is on your side!
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Sculptra natural way to restore own collagen

Sculptra natural way to restore own collagenThe most vigorous, health drastic, expensive and even dangerous anti-age procedures usually affect facial skin. It`s the face that shows the first aging signs and women are in most cases those, who cannot reconcile with the fact that they get old. But we cannot blame them at all. Today`s society has put beauty as the main factor for success, for significance, for attraction. And the older a woman becomes, the more desperate she feels about losing her chance to be still interesting, a factor in her company`s department, where she works, even in front of her friends, who, though, also get old. We cannot blame a woman that she would like to remain young and beautiful. And we won`t. But we would like to blame those ladies, who are ready to go through a real hell in order to achieve this only dream: to be as beautiful and radiant as they were back 10 or even 15 years ago. Because in past, options to restore facial youth and prettiness were indeed few. And most of them were quite dangerous. But today…when medicine has advanced and progressed so much, things are quite different. Women have a choice. They can choose a simpler, cheaper and safer way to turn the time for their faces back, to become luminous and attractive again, to have young faces again – with no wrinkles or shallows.

Sculptra is one of these new ways to easily get back to normal, when it comes to facial youth. And this is an option you must take under considerations on mandatory. Sculptra isn`t a scary procedure to get ready for months for. It is not a surgery that will put in bed for weeks and prevent you from going back to work immediately. It is a quite natural way to stimulate your own face to recover – by itself! Of course, a small intervention is required, but it is not a surgery and it does not involve any knives. The procedure makes it possible for any woman to get her skin collagen restored. Also, Sculptra supports the process of new collagen production, which is a double attack against aging.

How does Sculptra work and become able to naturally restore the collagen in a facial skin? To explain it in short and simply, you need to know that Sculptra is just an injection. Nothing else! The injection has a specially tailored material that puts into force the whole anti-aging process. It is called poly-L-lactic acid. This acid is a synthetic biocompatible and biodegradable material. No scarf, pain, bruise or any other side effect can be caused with this injection.

Since a biodegradable material is involved, the anti-aging procedure Sculptra cannot show effect immediately and time will be needed for the whole skin to recover. Though, the first light result can be seen right after the injection: the smallest wrinkles will be removed. Later, when the collagen gets restored, bigger wrinkles, creases and folds will be suppressed and eliminated, as well.

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One of the main benefits Sculptra hides is that it can be applied to most facial parts and zones. 80% of the Sculptra procedures, though, are made on forehead and some experts believe that this is the facial zone where the method shows the best results. However, some positive improvement after Sculptra application is guaranteed on tear troughs, the temples, the facial and the cheek dents. It is also allowed to use Sculptra for all or some of the facial areas. There is no risk for double injection on the face, for instance: you can make Sculptra on the forehead and the facial dents in one day, for instance. And recovery is very fast. Last, but not least, the price you pay to restore your own facial collagen naturally, is not just affordable, but quite smaller in comparison to the dangerous surgeries and non-effective so-called luxurious anti-aging cosmetic products. Plus – Sculptra has a proven and tested long-lasting effect.

3 Best Countries to Get Nose Surgery

3 Best Countries to Get Nose SurgeryEverybody wants to be beautiful like a movie star. That’s why nose surgery gets more and more popular over the years. But rhinoplasty, for sale just like any other forms of surgery, generic possesses some risks. To minimize those risks, viagra buy you need to find the best plastic surgeons. If you can’t find them in your hometown, you can always go overseas. Here are some countries that offer the best rhinoplasty procedures.


Iran is the best plastic surgery destination in the Middle East. Iranian women are famous for their long nose and flawless skin. They really put great attention to their face and it is very common to see women walking around after getting a nose job. Even though the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is lower compared to the USA and the other European countries, the quality is still one of the best in the world.


More than 800.000 plastic surgery procedures are performed in Italy every year and Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular. It is very easy to find an excellent plastic surgeon with hundreds of experience performing nose surgery in Italy. The cost is relatively lower compared to other European countries. This is why Italy is such a popular destination for people who want to fix their nose.

South Korea

Most East Asian women were born with delicate face features and small nose. That’s why nose job becomes one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in this country. South Korea has set itself as the best destination to have rhinoplasty and other plastic surgery procedure. They have the best doctors and medical technologies compared to other countries, even the USA. Getting a nose job in Korea is expensive but the procedure is very safe and the result is really remarkable. However, you must be careful of underground clinics with unlicensed beautician. Always go to reputable clinics to avoid any medical risks.