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Do we need more than just water?

Remember your New Year resolution? Most give up till February. But I bet at least one was regarding your health. Though most might have given up, everyone pretends to be cautious about their health at least in the beginning of every year. Our health is what we consume. It’s water, which tops the list what a person intakes the most. It’s imperative that we make a habit of having sufficient water through different modes, either by directly drinking water or by eating juicy fruits (e.g. Watermelon). However, there is more to wonder about than just having water. Are you ever intrigued by the questions: Is there any alternative to normal drinking water? What minerals does your tap water contain?

Well, if you are finished with the musings shall I bring out some wise ideas to make your water intake more effective?

It starts with the time you wake up. It’s long time you didn’t drink water before you sleep. Rehydrate your body with at least a glass of water. Apart from rehydrating your body, it helps bowel movement. Maintain a gap of an hour between your breakfast and another glass of water, both before and after. Drinking water close to your meals can make slower your digestion as digestive juices get diluted. You can take a sip or two to clear your throat. Drinking too much water before sleep can deprive your sleep with a lot of shuttles between bathroom and bedroom in the night. If you are a gym goer then drink plenty of water before and after workouts. During exercise a lot of water is released through sweat. You need to replenish that. provides sources for better understanding on this.

Moving on, we must think of more than just water. We hardly care about the pH level of our body. Our eating habits are deteriorating day by day with the popularity of junk foods. They lower pH level of our body. Pollution, stress too has a significant role to make our body acidic. The acidic body tends to be vulnerable to many diseases including cancer. To counter this we have to take alkaline water. Alkaline water constitutes important alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium which normal tap water don’t have. It helps to detoxify your body and neutralizes free-radicals. Naturally, alkaline water is available in artesian springs where water flows through different rocks and soaks up minerals. You don’t have to go there, just bring a water ionizer home.

The Importance of Doing DNA Test in Women

 The Importance of Doing DNA Test in Women

Maintaining a good health is not only beneficial for women entire health but also can affect on their beauty. This is often done by promoting healthy diet and doing regular physical activities. However, doctor living a healthy life is not enough just by having good knowledge about it. It is since each woman may need different approach when it comes to diet and physical activities. If you want to know about your strengths and weaknesses, pilule then it is highly related to genetic predisposition which included several types of genes. This predisposition on genetic only can be determined if you do DNA fitness test for women. Besides gives information about body condition, treatment this test can be a reference for women to have some clear action if they want to have good body shape and nice skin.

Each woman even can do her DNA fitness test on her own. With the advanced technology as well as non-invasive test tools, the test can be taken only in a couple of minutes. The most important of all is that it is absolutely safe. This requires the women to take their saliva sample and send it to the laboratory to be tested. Then, they will get the result of the test via email.

There is a handful of information about their genetic predisposition that can be beneficial to maintain their optimal health.  For instance, it contains information related to factors which affect body weight and skin condition. It also can be a referral for women to select the right diet. It will show you type of physical exercises which match you the most. While the health of skin is pretty essential in women, the result of this test can be used as reference to know how to maintain the structure of women skin collagen and overcome other skin problems.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoid is such a health disorder that at least fifty percent of the population has experienced it once in their lifetime. In layman’s terms this is the case when the rectal veins get swollen and inflamed causing moderate to severe pain in bowel movements. The problem is more acute in adults in the age range of 45 to 60 years.

There are surgical procedures like banding, click coagulation therapy and Hemorrhoidectomy to cure the ailment but there are certain side effects associated with the surgical procedures too. Side effects such as pain, cheap bleeding, viagra fever, infection and problem with urination are there to come with the surgical procedures. There are non surgical procedures to get rid of hemorrhoids too which work well with almost every type of hemorrhoids. By visiting the you can know a lot of home remedies to combat haemorrhoids and expand your knowledge on the disease too.

Let us see here some of the effective home remedies to deal with haemorrhoids;

Water intake: Drinking plenty of water every day makes the stool smooth and lessens the pain during bowel movements. The lesser the pain on the haemorrhoids the more effectively the medicine works and speeds up the healing process.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids

More fibre in diet: Increased portion of fibre in foods such that fruits, bran cereals and multi-grain bread etc also make the stool soft and the straining of the haemorrhoids during bowel movement also becomes less. This also facilitates the healing process in a great way.

Sitz bath: Taking sitz bath helps reduce the pressure and tension on the rectal area by the hemorrhoids. This in turn reduces the swelling of blood vessels and helps the hemorrhoids shrink fast. Two to three baths a week is great for the comfort of patients.

Other remedies such as Cayenee pepper and vitamin E intake also help greatly in healing the hemorrhoids fast. A stint of extra care for yourself and good diet regime can supplement the drugs exceptionally well in making you free from this nemesis fast.

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last? Learn These Factors

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last - Learn These Factors

We already know that there are basically two types of hemorrhoids. They can be either internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids. Of course, order each of them is caused by different factors, has different signs and symptoms, and requires different treatment. Many people, sufferers and health professionals, are talking about “how long do hemorrhoids last?” and this will be different between the internal and external hemorrhoids.

First, you need to differentiate the internal hemorrhoids from the external one. If you find rectal draining, but don’t feel pain, you might have internal hemorrhoid. Internal hemorrhoid exists far inside the rectum and can’t be seen. Unlike the internal one, the external hemorrhoid can cause some pains and can be seen because it is just outside the rectum. How long do hemorrhoids last? Unfortunately, one can’t determine how long it lasts for each type of hemorrhoids because they may not be healed without treatment, especially when they severe.

How Long Do Internal Hemorrhoids Last and What Makes It Long?

There are several ideas about how long do hemorrhoids last as explain in freehemorrhoids, especially for the internal hemorrhoids. One says that hemorrhoids do not always respond to topical suppositories or ointments. Sometimes, hemorrhoids need direct injection for straight treatment. Thus, they can last in a long time. Another similar opinion shows that the internal hemorrhoids can last pretty long time. Luckily, they sometimes don’t cause pains, but when it hurts, one should talk to doctor to give further treatment. In conclusion, what makes the internal hemorrhoids last long is its less painful health problem so that some sufferers do not realize that they actually have them.

How Long Do External Hemorrhoids Last and What Makes It Longer?

There are also several opinions about how long do hemorrhoids last, especially for the external one. Mostly, the external hemorrhoids subside in a few days. However, some bouts may also last as long as 2 weeks. This can be longer if one has suffered with the external hemorrhoids before. Then, the external hemorrhoids that have already developed a blood clot commonly take around 3 weeks to 3 months to heal. The time depends on the size, severity and the treatment that is taken.

Factors Influencing How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last

In addition to the types of hemorrhoids that may differentiate the time to heal this problem, there are also several other factors that influence how long do hemorrhoids last. The first factor is whether you are pregnant or not. Pregnancy will make the hemorrhoids a bit more difficult to heal. How long do hemorrhoids last in pregnancy may be longer than the hemorrhoids in not-pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should have high fiber diet and at least 8 glasses of water every day.

The other factor influencing is sedentary job. Just because one has a sedentary job does not mean that they may take less water. They should drink water as much as those with active jobs. With enough water, body will not get water from bowel, duodenum or urinary tract so that this will improve the hemorrhoids. Enough intakes of fresh fruits, vegetables and water are highly recommended for those who have hemorrhoids. How long do hemorrhoids last? Everything has been clear here.

Advantages of a Nose Job

Advantages of a Nose Job


Our noses have a very important role to play in how we look. Many of us are not satisfied with the shape our noses or many times the shape of the nose is distorted due to a trauma, health accident or with age. However, whatever may be the reason behind an unpleasant shape of your nose you can always correct it with the help of a simple surgery known as nose job or in more technical terms it is also called Rhinoplasty. It is a procedure that helps you get a perfect shape of your nose and also helps cure breathing problems because it is also performed for defected nasal septum.

The Procedure

It is performed under general anesthesia and might take an hour or longer depending on the extent and amount of reshaping required. A small cast is applied on the nose after the surgery which is removed after a week. The surgery is easier and less complex for the first time so it is important to tell your doctor if you have gotten a nose job done before.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

There are a number of benefits of getting a nose job in Dubai done which can definitely convince you to go for one without a second thought. Thus, here are few logical benefits of a nose reshaping procedure:

  • Career

Career opportunities are greater for attractive looking people not only because they are more confident and presentable but also because research shows that attractive people get greater chances of pay raises and promotions. Thus, a nose job can have a positive impact on your career as well as business.

  • Facial Symmetry

The main goal of a nose job is to reshape your nose and make it in perfect proportion with the rest of your face so facial symmetry is a result of nose jobs.

  • Physical Health

Nose jobs are not only good for increasing your beauty and improving your psychological health by infusing greater confidence and positivity in you but also help in enhancing your physical health. This is because rhinoplasty helps in curing breathing problems. It also helps in reduced snoring problems which makes your married life much easier because many couples have difficulty in sleeping together because their spouses snore too loudly or too much.


Thus, you should definitely consider a good skin specialist in Dubai to opt for professional procedure of nose job in Dubai.