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Vertigo: Causes and symptoms


Feeling dizzy for a long time, decease loss of balance, a spinning head and feeling like the world around you is spinning suggests you are having vertigo. This unpleasant spinning sensation and the dizziness can last for many days and cause serious intimidation too. People with vertigo can go for medical treatments as well as can resort to home remedies as explained in for effective and early relief.

Before we go decide the method of treatment for vertigo, we shall know the causes and symptoms of vertigo.

Causes: Doctors believe that vertigo is not a medical condition in itself; rather it is a symptom for another underlying condition like vestibular neuritis, BPPV and Meniere’s disease. In a layman’s terms if there is any issues with the inner part of the year then it makes the person feel dizzy and nauseated. A very general cause of the vertigo is sometimes the deposit of debris inside the ear. Vertigo may result from accident related injuries, brain injuries, migraines, tumors, high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking etc.

Symptoms: People experience symptoms of vertigo sometimes for a few seconds and the symptoms can also last as long as for many days appearing in frequent small or long stints. The most common symptoms are dizziness and spinning sensation. The other symptoms are abnormal movement of eye, sudden feel of imbalance, nausea, headache, sweating, constant ringing in ear, lack of coordination and fever etc. Especially the spinning sensation can get worse if you try to move your head or body at the time you are experiencing it.

The doctors when gets such complaints goes through the patient’s medical history, recent medications and then go for detailed physical verification. Often they try to recreate the vertigo symptoms in the patient to know the real reason for the vertigo.

There are traditional medications available to cure vertigo as well as home remedies. The home remedies for vertigo are cheap and have no side effects hence are safer than the traditional medicines.