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6 Surprising Facts about Muscle Training

Muscle training is a key part of fitness for both gals and guys: Whether you want to build more muscle, lose weight, tone up, or increase your activity level and strength, you need to include muscle training through weight lifting and other workouts. But don’t let muscle urban myths get in your way!. Here’s some vital information about muscle training that you may not know – or that you may have heard wrong in the past.


  1. Off Days Are At Your Discretion:Off days or rest days are those days in which you are supposed to let your muscles – or at least a certain muscle group – rest and recover. There is no one perfect formula for rest days. A couple days off per week is typically enough, but it all depends on your training regimen and your goals. Ask a trainer for information specific to you before taking off random days in your routine.


  1. Genetics Matter – A Lot: Genetics affect the length of your arms and legs, the strength of your joints, the way your muscles grow, your metabolism and much, much more. When building muscle, you need to understand how your genetics are affecting your performance and overall goals. Comparing yourself to others is dangerous, because they don’t have the same genetics that you do. You can do a lot in the gym to meet any goals you choose, but understand what you are working with at the same time.


  1. 2 Muscle Fibers, 2 Ways to Train:We have two different types of muscle fibers, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 muscles grow primarily to use energy efficiently and endure as long as possible. Type 2 muscles work primarily to generate force to move a lot of weight in short bursts. A muscle group may tend to have more of one muscle type than another (quads are mostly type 1, etc.). Type 1 muscles grow well in response to high reps and lower weights, while type 2 muscles respond well to high weight and low reps. Some muscle groups that are equally divided, like the deltoids, respond well to both types of exercises.


  1. Protein IS Important, But It’s Easy to Get Enough:Protein provides the necessary building blocks for muscle growth, end of story. And while muscle training does require you to get extra protein in your diet, you have many flexible options for protein, and research often varies on how much protein you need, so take all suggestions with a grain of salt. Don’t feel the need to down a protein shake immediately before or after your average workout – only for intense muscle building sessions.


  1. Muscle Training Excels at Burning Calories:Many people link cardio with losing weight and muscle training for putting on mass, but it doesn’t actually work this way. Your body needs calories to build and use muscles, especially over the long term. Building muscle not only burns calories during the action, it increases the overall levels of calories your body burns, which can be very useful in losing weight.


  1. Free Weights are Better Than Machines:Free weights utilize more muscles and make your muscles work harder than weight machines. If you really want to build muscle, then get off the machines and spend more time with bodyweight exercises and free weights at Fitness 19!