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Thyroid Gland

The main function of thyroid gland is to release hormone thyroxine and thyroxine in the blood. These hormones control some of the vital body functions. It uses the iodine from the food that we eat to produce aforementioned hormones. The hormones secreted by this gland performs many vital functions like breathing, heart rate ,body weight, muscle strength, temperature of the body, menstrual cycle in women.

Thyroid Gland

Hence it is very important that neither there should be over secretion nor under secretion of these hormones.

One such problem due to over secretion of thyroid hormones is thyroid eye disease (TED). This generally occurs when the body’s immunity attacks the eye and causes the swelling.

Sometimes this also occurs in a person whose thyroid is not secreting the hormones adequately or even in a person with normal functioning of thyroid. TED is also referred to as Gravesā€˜s orbitopathy.

The symptoms of thyroid eye disease is usually a bulging eye, as depicted in the picture below, which is accompanies by drying or excessive watery eye. Your eyelids may start appearing fuller and sometimes bags under eyes also occur in these situations.

It sometimes becomes difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are similar to those of conjunctivitis or a hay fever but if the tests are conducted to check the thyroid functioning then it becomes much easier to diagnose.

Usually people with thyroid eye disease are prescribed selenium supplements .The bad news is that many times people with TED have to suffer a permanent change in their vision or appearance of the eyes.

People who are smokers generally are asked to quit smoking because smokers tend not to respond well to the treatments. Even non-smokers have to undergo a treatment by taking a course of medicine called Carbimazole, which enhances the response to the treatment .


here serif;”>Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure done to remove excess fat from the eyelids. Excess fat gets deposits under the eyelids as a result of ageing process which the muscles start getting weak. As a result of this, sick the eyelids become droopy and saggy. This often results in reduced peripheral vision and also makes your appearance older.

Very often people get this fat removed by this surgical procedure. This is also known as eye lifting.

The blepharoplasty surgeon makes a cut or an incision under the eyelids to remove the excess fat from the eyelids.

Irrespective of the need which may be a functional problem of the eyelid or to enhance the appearance of the eyes, prostate the blepharoplasty surgeon performs this surgery.

This procedure in general is more common among women than in men because women are usually more concerned about their appearance and hence they undergo this surgery.

As per a blepharoplasty surgeon, this surgery can treat loose skin around the eyelids that creates sac like structure and disturbs the shape or the outline of the eyelids. It is also helpful in treatment of fine lines or wrinkles around the lower eyelid.

Usually after this procedure the surgeon applies a bandage around the area of surgery. But it is important to understand that not everyone which puffy eyes, eye bags or saggy skin around the eyelids are eligible for this procedure. If anyone has certain underlying eye problems or some other specific medical conditions like diabetes etc. then he or she may not be able to undergo this surgery. Also this treatment is not ideal for people who are less than 18 years of age because at this tender age this kind of symptoms sometimes go away on its own because by this time the body is not yet fully developed.

The Simplicity on Getting the Perfect Glasses for Dealing with your Vision Problems

The Simplicity on Getting the Perfect Glasses for Dealing with your Vision Problems

Dealing with the vision problems might be really frustrating but the right professional Image optometry might be a good idea for you to deal with the condition. Of course, check for dealing with any vision problems, you need to deal with various challenging ideas. That is including the challenge on dealing with the right treatment or the right way for getting the proper condition of the vision. However, many of you need to be completely careful on dealing with that. Not all of the optometry can provide the best solution for dealing with the condition. That might require you to be completely more careful on dealing with the condition.

In order to deal with the problem, you need to be completely careful on finding the right optometry. You can simply find the reputable one who is believed to be one of the trusted optometry which can provide the best solution for dealing with the condition. You can try making an eye appointment to the professional ones, as like Image optometry. You will be able to get the proper eye exam there from the professional and get the complete great quality eyeglasses which can give you comfort on dealing with the vision problems which you experience.

Sometimes, you might find that it is something complicated to go to the doctor, and find the optometry. There, you will get the simplicity since you can get the eye exam and also get the glass at the same place. That will be completely helpful because you do not need to waste your time and energy for visiting more places on dealing with the proper solution of eyeglasses for dealing with your vision problems. That optometry can be the solution for your need of the Vancouver glasses. Another good thing which you might be able to obtain is that you can make an appointment by online.