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Tonsil stone: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Tonsil stone

Stone in the human body is not formed only in the kidney. You will be surprised to know that tonsils are one of the places where hard and sometimes painful stones can form. These stones are nothing but the accumulation of calcium salts in the pockets and cervices of the tonsil.

Causes of tonsil stones: Tonsils are filled with nooks and pockets where bacteria, cialis dead cells and mucous can be trapped. If so happens then the debris gets accumulated and white formations occur in those pockets. Once the trapped debris hardens or stats calcifying, mind the debris becomes tonsil stones. Tonsil stone happens often with people who have chronic inflammation in their tonsils or have history of frequent tonsillitis.

Symptoms of tonsils stones include bad breathe, difficulty in swallowing foods, ear pain etc. Bad breathe is a strong indicator that there is a substantial deposit of foul debris which may be causing the foul smell. Sometimes it also becomes very difficult to chew and swallow solid and eve liquid foods with tonsillolith of large sizes.

The treatment of tonsil stone is conditional to the size of the tonsillolith and its contribution to discomfort or pain. People often leave the tonsil stones unattended in the absence of any serious symptoms. Sometimes tonsil stones are also removed at home using swabs and pricks too. The warm water gargle also goes well in providing comfort to the throat from tonsilloliths.

Various antibiotics are also prescribed to people to treat the tonsil stones. The antibiotics may be successful in treating the stones but not effective in dealing with the reason behind it. There are surgical methods to treat the tonsil stones too and usually the surgical procedures are adopted when the size of the tonsillolith is large and it is potentially dangerous. A lot of valuable information, knowledge, tips and guidance are available on Visiting the site will help you in taking the right decision regarding the tonsil stone removal and you can have an early relief.