Butterfly Animal Medicine and Totem

Last night I had a dream about butterflies. In my dream I remember looking up into the trees and seeing hundreds of large monarch butterflies taking flight one by one. I remember seeing the sun shining brightly behind the trees illuminating the moment. I was also taking pictures as fast as I could with my phone. That’s all I remember.

To the Native Americans butterfly means “new birth.” New love and joy are coming. Transformation is inevitable but will be easier than expected. Embrace the new beginnings.

If you think of the life of a butterfly, then you know the transformation that it goes through. First it is born an earth bound caterpillar, crawling its way through life trying not to get stepped on and seeing life through its tunnel vision. Then something happens and suddenly it knows it must go through a great change and hibernation so it begins its journey to seek higher ground for this transformation. Once it finds this sacred place it begins to wrap itself in a protective cover and embrace the transformation and healing. Then one day, it begins to emerge out of it tightly woven security blanket of protection and spread its new wings out far. Looking at it self in a new way, taking in all of its magnificence, wondering how it could become such a beautiful being. Now in gratitude and splendor, and a new found love for life it takes flight into the unknown. It now looks at life with new eyes and learns to appreciate all things with unconditional love, non-judgment, and gracefulness.

The sun in the dream is also significant. The Natives referred to the sun as “Grandfather Sun,” and represents the energy of life, masculine energy, strength, and the courage to achieve your desired goals.

Animal messages can come to us through dreams and our waking life. The key is to relate its message to what is going on in our life at this moment.