Beasley Flats Cave Dwellings Camp Verde Arizona

native american cave dwellings at beasly flatsBeasly Flats is a historical location in Camp Verde along the Verde River. Many years ago an indigenous tribe, most likely the Hopi, lived here. There are many cave dwellings and several pithouses nearby. I actually grew up only a few miles from here where there is another similar set of caves and pithouse ruins. This area is loaded with Native American history. A beautiful place to meditate and have a picknick.

petroglyph rock at beasly flatsYou can see this petroglyph rock on your way to Beasley Fats. I’ve heard that this rock goes about 30 feet into the earth. DOT tried to remove it once and failed so they just left it near the road and put a guardrail around it. On one side it shows San Francisco Peaks looking in the direction of the peaks! The spirals are said to be a map of where they were and where they were going. History shows that the Hopi were migrating from the far south to eventually the Hopi Mesas where the now live today.

salt mine camp verde arizonaAlso along the way you will see an old salt mine. In the past this was a highly valued trade commodity.