Do we need more than just water?

Remember your New Year resolution? Most give up till February. But I bet at least one was regarding your health. Though most might have given up, everyone pretends to be cautious about their health at least in the beginning of every year. Our health is what we consume. It’s water, which tops the list what a person intakes the most. It’s imperative that we make a habit of having sufficient water through different modes, either by directly drinking water or by eating juicy fruits (e.g. Watermelon). However, there is more to wonder about than just having water. Are you ever intrigued by the questions: Is there any alternative to normal drinking water? What minerals does your tap water contain?

Well, if you are finished with the musings shall I bring out some wise ideas to make your water intake more effective?

It starts with the time you wake up. It’s long time you didn’t drink water before you sleep. Rehydrate your body with at least a glass of water. Apart from rehydrating your body, it helps bowel movement. Maintain a gap of an hour between your breakfast and another glass of water, both before and after. Drinking water close to your meals can make slower your digestion as digestive juices get diluted. You can take a sip or two to clear your throat. Drinking too much water before sleep can deprive your sleep with a lot of shuttles between bathroom and bedroom in the night. If you are a gym goer then drink plenty of water before and after workouts. During exercise a lot of water is released through sweat. You need to replenish that. provides sources for better understanding on this.

Moving on, we must think of more than just water. We hardly care about the pH level of our body. Our eating habits are deteriorating day by day with the popularity of junk foods. They lower pH level of our body. Pollution, stress too has a significant role to make our body acidic. The acidic body tends to be vulnerable to many diseases including cancer. To counter this we have to take alkaline water. Alkaline water constitutes important alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium which normal tap water don’t have. It helps to detoxify your body and neutralizes free-radicals. Naturally, alkaline water is available in artesian springs where water flows through different rocks and soaks up minerals. You don’t have to go there, just bring a water ionizer home.