Signs of Low Testosterone

Signs of Low TestosteroneTestosterone is one of the hormones produced in the human body. Testosterone is especially important for men, as it is responsible for their sexual ability, muscles, and overall body weight. Levels of this hormone usually sink when men get older. However, should they decrease too fast, a man can experience a variety of rather unpleasant symptoms. If you’ve been diagnosed with low-T, you might want to find out more about medicines that treat this condition by going to this website:

However, if you’re still in doubt whether your body is still producing sufficient amounts of testosterone or not, check yourself for the following symptoms:
Low libido and weak erection. Testosterone is produced in male testicles, and it is partly responsible for their normal function. Men with low-T may find themselves lacking in sexual drive and unable to develop and maintain a strong erection.
Weight gain and muscle loss. Low testosterone levels are often responsible for excessive amounts of fat stored in a man’s organism, as well as changes in its distribution around the body. Men with low-T sometimes develop abnormally large breasts, for instance. Low-T also affects muscles, weakening them and preventing new muscle building.
Fatigue and depression. Low testosterone can cause men to feel constantly tired, even if they have a healthy lifestyle and get enough sleep. What’s more, it can also lead to anxiety, inability to concentrate and quickly changing moods.
Hair loss. Even though going bald as you get older is quite common for men, those with low-T can also experience a decrease in the amount of facial and body hair.
Osteoporosis. Testosterone also affects the bones, so men whose bodies are unable to produce enough of this hormone might experience bone mass loss. This often leads to fragile bones, which are easy to damage, especially in older men who have lived with low-T levels for a long time.