Home remedies for hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoid is such a health disorder that at least fifty percent of the population has experienced it once in their lifetime. In layman’s terms this is the case when the rectal veins get swollen and inflamed causing moderate to severe pain in bowel movements. The problem is more acute in adults in the age range of 45 to 60 years.

There are surgical procedures like banding, click coagulation therapy and Hemorrhoidectomy to cure the ailment but there are certain side effects associated with the surgical procedures too. Side effects such as pain, cheap bleeding, viagra fever, infection and problem with urination are there to come with the surgical procedures. There are non surgical procedures to get rid of hemorrhoids too which work well with almost every type of hemorrhoids. By visiting the http://getridofmyhemorrhoids.com/ you can know a lot of home remedies to combat haemorrhoids and expand your knowledge on the disease too.

Let us see here some of the effective home remedies to deal with haemorrhoids;

Water intake: Drinking plenty of water every day makes the stool smooth and lessens the pain during bowel movements. The lesser the pain on the haemorrhoids the more effectively the medicine works and speeds up the healing process.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids

More fibre in diet: Increased portion of fibre in foods such that fruits, bran cereals and multi-grain bread etc also make the stool soft and the straining of the haemorrhoids during bowel movement also becomes less. This also facilitates the healing process in a great way.

Sitz bath: Taking sitz bath helps reduce the pressure and tension on the rectal area by the hemorrhoids. This in turn reduces the swelling of blood vessels and helps the hemorrhoids shrink fast. Two to three baths a week is great for the comfort of patients.

Other remedies such as Cayenee pepper and vitamin E intake also help greatly in healing the hemorrhoids fast. A stint of extra care for yourself and good diet regime can supplement the drugs exceptionally well in making you free from this nemesis fast.