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Tonsil stone: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Tonsil stone

Stone in the human body is not formed only in the kidney. You will be surprised to know that tonsils are one of the places where hard and sometimes painful stones can form. These stones are nothing but the accumulation of calcium salts in the pockets and cervices of the tonsil.

Causes of tonsil stones: Tonsils are filled with nooks and pockets where bacteria, cialis dead cells and mucous can be trapped. If so happens then the debris gets accumulated and white formations occur in those pockets. Once the trapped debris hardens or stats calcifying, mind the debris becomes tonsil stones. Tonsil stone happens often with people who have chronic inflammation in their tonsils or have history of frequent tonsillitis.

Symptoms of tonsils stones include bad breathe, difficulty in swallowing foods, ear pain etc. Bad breathe is a strong indicator that there is a substantial deposit of foul debris which may be causing the foul smell. Sometimes it also becomes very difficult to chew and swallow solid and eve liquid foods with tonsillolith of large sizes.

The treatment of tonsil stone is conditional to the size of the tonsillolith and its contribution to discomfort or pain. People often leave the tonsil stones unattended in the absence of any serious symptoms. Sometimes tonsil stones are also removed at home using swabs and pricks too. The warm water gargle also goes well in providing comfort to the throat from tonsilloliths.

Various antibiotics are also prescribed to people to treat the tonsil stones. The antibiotics may be successful in treating the stones but not effective in dealing with the reason behind it. There are surgical methods to treat the tonsil stones too and usually the surgical procedures are adopted when the size of the tonsillolith is large and it is potentially dangerous. A lot of valuable information, knowledge, tips and guidance are available on Visiting the site will help you in taking the right decision regarding the tonsil stone removal and you can have an early relief.

Five methods for natural breast enhancement:

Five methods for natural breast enhancement

People, viagra no matter in which part of the world they live, diagnosis have always admired women with well endowed chest area. That is the reason why almost all clinics for cosmetic surgery have breast augmentation procedures or surgeries in their menu. But can’t a woman have her breast size improved in the natural way? Natural Breast Enlargement is absolutely possible and here we have a few ways of them described below;

Breast massage: Breast massage is one of the best methods for enhancing breast size naturally. You do not need to spend any money on this and can do all by yourself at your own place. There are the chi massage method and the fat transfer massage technique which works well for breast enlargement as well as you test your breast for any lumps by doing so.

Workout for bigger breast: There are some well designed workout techniques such as dumbbell bench press, there inclined dumbbell bench press and dumbbell fly technique which have delivered good results. The muscles need to be developed underneath the breast to make it grow. The exercise method may give slow results but gives safe and sustainable result.

Use herbs: Herbs has been used to various illnesses over thousands of years. Herbs such as fenugreek seeds, saw palmetto and fennel seed are considered as good ones for breast enlargement. Many breast enhancement pills have these herbs as a constituent in them.

Wonder bra: If you are the one who hesitates to work out and not comfortable with herbs then this wonder bra could be your thing. These bras are designed in such a way that they go well with much type of costumes and are available in convertible straps too.

Food for bigger breast: No method can be more natural than eating food and achieving the target of breast enhancement. Food items rich in estrogen can do the job for you and keep the testosterone hormone away from your body. Next time make sure your shopping basket has food stuffs like yogurt, flaxseeds, soybeans and sesame seeds etc to help you in achieving your goal.

Also you can try your hand on some herbal medication for the purpose but you must consult the doctor before doing so.

Vertigo: Causes and symptoms


Feeling dizzy for a long time, decease loss of balance, a spinning head and feeling like the world around you is spinning suggests you are having vertigo. This unpleasant spinning sensation and the dizziness can last for many days and cause serious intimidation too. People with vertigo can go for medical treatments as well as can resort to home remedies as explained in for effective and early relief.

Before we go decide the method of treatment for vertigo, we shall know the causes and symptoms of vertigo.

Causes: Doctors believe that vertigo is not a medical condition in itself; rather it is a symptom for another underlying condition like vestibular neuritis, BPPV and Meniere’s disease. In a layman’s terms if there is any issues with the inner part of the year then it makes the person feel dizzy and nauseated. A very general cause of the vertigo is sometimes the deposit of debris inside the ear. Vertigo may result from accident related injuries, brain injuries, migraines, tumors, high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking etc.

Symptoms: People experience symptoms of vertigo sometimes for a few seconds and the symptoms can also last as long as for many days appearing in frequent small or long stints. The most common symptoms are dizziness and spinning sensation. The other symptoms are abnormal movement of eye, sudden feel of imbalance, nausea, headache, sweating, constant ringing in ear, lack of coordination and fever etc. Especially the spinning sensation can get worse if you try to move your head or body at the time you are experiencing it.

The doctors when gets such complaints goes through the patient’s medical history, recent medications and then go for detailed physical verification. Often they try to recreate the vertigo symptoms in the patient to know the real reason for the vertigo.

There are traditional medications available to cure vertigo as well as home remedies. The home remedies for vertigo are cheap and have no side effects hence are safer than the traditional medicines.

Signs of Low Testosterone

Signs of Low TestosteroneTestosterone is one of the hormones produced in the human body. Testosterone is especially important for men, as it is responsible for their sexual ability, muscles, and overall body weight. Levels of this hormone usually sink when men get older. However, should they decrease too fast, a man can experience a variety of rather unpleasant symptoms. If you’ve been diagnosed with low-T, you might want to find out more about medicines that treat this condition by going to this website:

However, if you’re still in doubt whether your body is still producing sufficient amounts of testosterone or not, check yourself for the following symptoms:
Low libido and weak erection. Testosterone is produced in male testicles, and it is partly responsible for their normal function. Men with low-T may find themselves lacking in sexual drive and unable to develop and maintain a strong erection.
Weight gain and muscle loss. Low testosterone levels are often responsible for excessive amounts of fat stored in a man’s organism, as well as changes in its distribution around the body. Men with low-T sometimes develop abnormally large breasts, for instance. Low-T also affects muscles, weakening them and preventing new muscle building.
Fatigue and depression. Low testosterone can cause men to feel constantly tired, even if they have a healthy lifestyle and get enough sleep. What’s more, it can also lead to anxiety, inability to concentrate and quickly changing moods.
Hair loss. Even though going bald as you get older is quite common for men, those with low-T can also experience a decrease in the amount of facial and body hair.
Osteoporosis. Testosterone also affects the bones, so men whose bodies are unable to produce enough of this hormone might experience bone mass loss. This often leads to fragile bones, which are easy to damage, especially in older men who have lived with low-T levels for a long time.

Some basic reasons behind hair loss:

recipe serif;”>Some basic reasons behind hair loss

No one loves to have a receding hair line or a scalp with thinning hair no matter at what age he or she is. This can easily summarize why Hair Is The Mane Topic for a lot of people. Hair fall problem has been a huge problem for almost everyone around the world and this can be easily understood from the flurry of hair care products making into the market every month. Dermatologists believe its normal for a healthy person to lose around fifty hairs a day but if the count crosses one hundred then it is a serious problem.

Let us see what are the main reasons behind hair fall?

Genetics: Some people have that gene in them which ensure that they turn bald at an early age as a result of abnormal hair shedding.

Improper diet: the health of human hair is a highly dependent upon the diet intake. Hair fall may increase body does not get enough vitamins, minerals and protein from your daily diet. Food high in protein such as soy, milk and other dairy products, beans and pulses are very good for hair growth.

Ageing: Ageing is another prominent reason for hair fall. For men, their level of testosterone starts decreasing after the age of 30 years and then most of them experience rapid hair fall. By the time they turn fifty, they are more likely to lose 40 percent of hair.

Smoking: Blood circulation in the scalp is a big necessity for fair to remain healthy. Prolonged smoking reduces the circulation to the scalp hence the hair fall gets faster. The problem in lever also affects the health of the scalp and the lever is also badly affected by the prolonged smoking too.

Stress: Stress increases the level of DHT that is responsible for rapid hair fall.

In addition to the above problem, women have their share of problems for hair loss such as hormonal disorders, hair loss after pregnancy etc.