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Types of Orthopedic Hand Surgery

healing serif;”>Types of Orthopedic Hand Surgery 

Generally, orthopedic surgery refers to any type of surgery done on the musculoskeletal system, spine or extremities. The most common surgeries though tend to involve the shoulders, knees, ankles, hands, hips or the spine. Orthopaedic hand surgery is mainly performed to correct or alleviate diseases of the hand which if left unattended can cause pain, deformities, inflammation. Hand surgery is also carried out so as to repair an injury. The most common hand surgeries are usually performed to treat nerve damage, tendon, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Some orthopaedic hand surgery include but are not limited to the following:

Repair of Tendons 

For the uninitiated, tendons are fibers that attach the muscle to the bone. Because of the structure of the tendon, repairing them is usually a difficult surgical challenge. Repair of tendon injuries vary, this can be classified as secondary, delayed primary or primary repair. For an acute injury, primary repair is normally required and is performed within twenty four (24) hours of the injury. It usually involves direct surgical intervention or correction of the injury. On the other hand, delayed primary repair is done a few days after the injury. This usually includes tendon grafts or other complex procedures. Secondary repairs are usually done after two (2) to five (5) weeks or even much longer after the injury.

Skin Grafts 

This usually involves the attaching or replacing skin to a part of the hand which had missing skin. These grafts are normally performed by taking a piece of healthy skin from a donor site and attaching it to the required area. The most common type of injury requiring such a graft is fingertip injuries or amputations. 

Orthopaedic hand surgery

Closed Reduction and Fixation

This is a technique used to fix fractures on the hand such as fingers. This technique works by realigning the fractured bone to its normal position before immobilizing the area for the entire healing process. For immobilization, several techniques such as the use of casts, splints, rods and wires can be used. 

Skin Flaps

These are slightly similar to skin grafts in that a part of the skin is taken from a donor site and placed elsewhere. However, they are different because during skin flaps, the skin is being retrieved from a donor site along with its own blood supply. The section that is retrieved usually includes its underlying muscles, fat and blood vessels. Skin flaps are therefore ideal for use in areas that lack skin as well as good supply of blood. The lack of supply can be due to a number of reasons such as extensive tissue damage, vessel damage and location. 

Repair of the Nerves 

The hand has three main nerves; these include the radial nerve, the median nerve and the ulnar nerve. Damage to any of these nerves can result in significant disability to the hand. Even though some of these injuries may heal on their own, there are some that require surgery. Most of these surgeries are performed three to six weeks after the injury. If the nerve has been severed, then it can be repaired by either using a nerve graft or reattaching the nerve directly to the other end.


The surgery is also known as joint replacement and may be used in people who are suffering from acute arthritis of the hand. The procedure involves replacing the affected joint with an artificial one. The new joint can be made from a variety of materials such as metal, a patient’s own body tissue, silicone rubber or even plastic. 

Debridement and /or Surgical drainage

Even though there are various treatments of hand infections such as elevation, use of heat, rest, surgical interventions may be required for management purposes. Surgical drainage and debridement are some of the common interventions. Debridement refers to the cleansing of the wound so as to prevent further infection and enhance the chances of healing. This is usually done if the wound or infection is quite severe. Surgical drainage can also be used if the hand has an abscess; it is bound to help in the removal of pus. 


This is the surgical replacement of hands or fingers which have been amputated during a trauma. This type of surgery uses microsurgery and is thus very intricate and complex. It is important to mention that for some severe injuries; more than one surgery may be required for full recovery. 

Peritonsillar Abscess – The Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Peritonsillar abscess is a painful condition that is associated with the tissues of the throat. Peritonsillar abscess occurs when pus get collected in the infected soft tissue around tonsils. This condition causes swelling and pain in throat and in severe cases can lead to blockage of the throat. The affected person will feel difficulty in swallowing, cialis breathing and speaking. This condition is more common among young adults, look but rare seen in infants and children.

Peritonsillar Abscess - The Causes, <a href=salve Symptoms and Treatments” width=”600″ height=”399″ />

What Causes Peritonsillar Abscess?

Any infection of the tonsils called tonsillitis can also cause infection of the soft tissues of the throat and these results peritonsillar abscess. The common cause of infection is the streptococcal bacteria that invade the area around the tonsils. Usually only one side gets affected. The soft tissues are then invaded by the anaerobic bacteria from the nearby gland. Certain dental infections like gingivitis and periodontis also result in this condition. Other causative factors are

  • Smoking
  • Chronic tonsil infections
  • Calcium deposits in tonsils or tonsilloliths
  • Lymphocytic leukemia
  • Infectious mononucleosis

The Symptoms

The first and most common symptom is sore throat. The abscess formation may occur 2-5 days after the first symptom. The other symptoms include

  • Swelling or inflammation of the throat on one side
  • The small finger like tissue or uvula will be pushed away from the swelled area
  • The lymph glands located in the neck may become tender and enlarged
  • Severe pain while swallowing
  • Fever or chills
  • Spasm of the neck and jaw muscles
  • Muffled voice as the person feel difficulty in speaking

Exams and Tests

Peritonsillar abscess can be easily diagnosed by a doctor by a physical exam. The doctor will look into your throat using a tongue depressor and light for redness and swelling on one side of the throat. The doctor may also suggest the following tests

  • CT scan
  • Aspiration of the abscess

The Complications

The possible complications of peritonsillar abscess include infection of both tonsils. The infection can also spread to the chest. The swollen throat tissues can cause obstruction of airways. This is a life threatening condition. Sometimes, the peritonsillar abscess can rupture and can release the contents into throat. These contents can reach the lungs and can cause pneumonia. The possible complications include

  • Airway obstruction
  • Pneumonia
  • Endocarditis
  • Cellulitis of neck, jaw chest
  • Pleural effusion or fluid retention around lungs
  • Pericarditis or inflammation of heart membranes
  • Sepsis or infection in blood.

When to Contact a Doctor?

You need to contact a doctor if you are suffering from tonsillitis and if you develop any symptoms of peritonsillar abscess like

  • Trouble in swallowing
  • Persistent fever
  • Breathing problems
  • Pain in chest

It is necessary to get tonsillitis treated to prevent peritonsillar abscess. Home treatments are not effective for this condition. Hence, get immediate appointment with doctor to check the symptoms.

Treatment for Peritonsillar Abscess

A doctor may have several options to treat your peritonsillar abscess. If diagnosed earlier, the doctor may suggest antibiotics to treat the condition. Sometimes, the abscess needs to be drained using a needle or using scalpel. If you have a history of frequent tonsil infections your doctor may suggest tonsillectomy or surgical removal of your tonsils.


It is not possible to prevent peritonsillar abscess completely. However, you can reduce the risks by avoiding smoking and maintaining good oral and dental hygiene. You need to treat any oral infections immediately to avoid spreading of the infections to the glands. Treating the condition will be difficult in people with diabetes or with weakened immune system.


HAIRLOSS DUE TO DRUGSDo you want your hair to look good? But you cannot afford its wear and tear. One of the most common oil that has been used by the people for decades is OLIVE OIL for hair care. Oils penetrates in the tiny pores of the scalp and helps to repair the structure of hair follicles. Similarly other oil such as Argan oil and Moroccan oil simultaneously contain Vitamin E and anti oxidants. This indeed helps to moisturize and purify the hair.

Shampoo that gives surety of containing oil is good for people dealing with dry and rough hair. They also benefit people having lustrous hair. Many shampoo contain chemicals that often removes all the oil from the scalp naturally, viagra buy and as a result it leaves the scalp dry, cheap it dehydrates the hair follicle, order making hair more prone to split end and breakage and at further extend leads to baldness. Clinicspots provides online medical consultation to the people opting for hair loss problems. You can also search for the best hair transplant in delhi listed on our portal. We also help you find the cost of hair transplant in delhi, our main aim is to ensure that everyone gets the best healthcare facilities within their budget.

Another danger faced with shampoo is its prolong use, harsh chemicals do not allow the accumulation of natural oil in the roots of the hair due to the presence of silicone in the products. This even makes the hair more greasy, therefore it is advisable to shop for shampoo and conditioners that are based on oil or say oil based products. They are expected to do full justice to your hair, by keeping it healthy for longer time.

There are many leading reasons why hair fall out can be due to genes, scalp problem, deficiency of nutrients, pregnancy or weak immune system leading to thyroid problem. But can drug can be the cause of your hair loss? There are still debates going on, on this topic but there are no large scale study on hair loss as a direct result of human drug use.

How Does Drugs Cause Hair Loss?

  • According to the expert survey, recreational drug have the maximum capability to cause hair loss called as Telogen Effluvium, taking high intake of drug cause shock the system
  • Moreover, many hair follicles prematurely stops growing and lands to the resting phase, for at least 3 months, after that it shed
  • If the person stops the intake of drugs, and the body rebalances itself naturally, then the hair may return to its normal growth cycle in approximately 6 months
  • Taking drugs regularly can lead to many other conditions such as Diffusive Thinning
  • Sometimes, secondary effect of drug intake may cause hair loss, particularly cocaine, due to malnutrition as most regular users do not tend to have the appetite to eat healthily said by the experts
  • Frequency and quantity of drug varies between the individuals
  • Which means that one person may be affected by more than one drug binges
  • Taking the drugs regularly may lead to ill health and feel lazy, it may harm your sleeping pattern and may lower the person’s immune system

Can usage of drug trigger permanent hair loss?

  • It is possible that hair loss caused by drug is temporary, if it is kept untreated that may eventually lead to baldness in men whereas, thinning of hair is caused in women
  • Most probably 50 – 80 % of the women develop this condition at some point or the other in their lives, whether they take or not the recreational drugs, using it can make this condition worse or make it start earlier than it would normally

How to Prevent Hair Loss from Drug Usage?

  • The most important step and but obvious thing to start is, take a step forward to stop the use of drug
  • To may work wonder when you stop it, it benefit your hair, your mental and physical well being
  • Seek advice from medical profession if your use is more, then he will guide you medically
  • If you have already noticed thinning of hair or hair loss, then there are possibility to restore your lost hair by a tailored hair loss treatment programme
  • Initially it needs to be checked whether hair loss is progressive, permanent condition (genetic) or a temporary one in order to decide which treatments, if any, are necessary

How It can be treated?

  • When hair loss occurs due to certain medications, there are good chances of hair to grow back by its own
  • If stopping it do not improve your thinning of hair, then you may need to be treated with a medication that stops hair loss and helps to stimulate new hair growth.

Even though, few medications can cause your hair to fall out, but the good news is that this form of hair loss is usually temporary. Talk to your doctor and find out the medication that causes hair loss.

How To Find The Best Massage CE Courses

How To Find The Best Massage CE CoursesMassage therapy is a popular way to relax tense muscles, pills reduce stress, sales perform better as an athlete and it is used to relieve many physical issues. In order to keep up on the newest techniques and changes in this profession, all massage therapists will need to complete a certain amount of massage CE courses every two years. Each state has different regulations with regard to how many massage CE courses that are needed. It is the responsibility of massage therapists to know what their individual state’s requirements are.

The requirement of needing CEUs is not exclusive to massage therapists. Most professional positions require education beyond their college license or degree. Massage CE courses allow massage therapists to expand their education and learn techniques they can use for different clients and individual problems. There are a wide number of massage CE courses that are available for message therapists. Among them include: Ethics in massage therapy, message research, massage and the prevention of Aids HIV and other contagious diseases, aromatherapy, massage and cancer patients, treating low back pain, massage and sports injuries, migraines and massage, fibromyalgia and massage therapy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and massage, prenatal massage and more.

Massage therapists will earn a certificate after they have completed their designated massage CE courses. This certificate needs to be displayed where customers can see it. This verifies that the massage therapist is up to date with their education and they are licensed to practice in their state. This is designed to protects customers, and guarantees the profession keeps up to date with new techniques and research.

Massage therapists can continue to grow as professionals by taking massage CE courses. These classes teach therapists the latest techniques within their profession. Classes also allow them to learn to use massage for a diverse population with a variety of needs.

Spotting the Signs of Internet Addiction

capsule serif;”> Spotting the Signs of Internet Addiction

cialis serif;”>Contrary to popular belief, Internet addiction is both real and can have potentially devastating consequences. As is the case with so many addictions, knowing where to draw the line between ‘normal’ habits and those indicative of addiction can be difficult. As the Internet becomes a more integral part of everyday life for the masses, millions are spending much of their waking lives connected to the web.

The difference, however, lies in being able to retain control over Internet use, rather than being controlled by an overwhelming compulsion or addiction. But while identifying and accepting that you yourself may be developing an Internet addiction maybe difficult, broaching the subject with friends or loved ones can the even more challenging.

So as far as the experts specialising in Internet counselling in Canterbury are concerned, what are the most common and indicative warning signs to be on the lookout for?

Time Alone

The first and most common symptoms of Internet addiction is spending an excessive or increased amount of time alone with a computer. What constitutes a ‘normal’ amount of time to spend alone will of course vary significantly from one person to the next. However, if severe or gradually escalating changes are noted in the amount of time anindividual is spending alone with a computer, it could represent an early warning sign of addiction.


As is the case with so many addictions, excessive defensiveness on the part of the individual in question represents a tell-tale warning sign. When an individual becomes overly defensive when confronted about their behaviour, it generally serves as confirmation that they themselves feel shameful or regretful about what it is they are doing.


The same also goes for denial as when faced with a genuine addiction, denying or lying about actions and activities is common to say the least. As mentioned above, denial is usually the result of shame, regret or embarrassment, which in turn indicates that the individual to some extent at least knows what they are doing is unhealthy or detrimental.

Broken Routines

Another strong sign of a progressing Internet addiction is when the individual in question slowly but surely begins breaking from their usual routine. Chances are this will be the kind of thing that happens gradually and can therefore make it relatively difficult to know where to draw the line. If however it has become apparent that a former routine is being slowly eroded away and intensive Internet use has become their new priority, it could be a sign of addiction.

Social Isolation

This is again the kind of warning sign that takes quite some time to manifest and can therefore be somewhat tricky to pinpoint in the case of a close friend or loved one. Those with advanced Internet addictions tend to be relatively socially isolated, spending the majority of their free time on their own at a computer or a connected device. These days, almost everyone is guilty of occasionally being a little too ‘glued to the screen’ in the presence of friends or family members. Nevertheless, when an individual appears to be gradually becoming increasingly isolated and shut off from social activities/encounters, it could be the result of an addiction.


One of the single strongest signs of genuine Internet addiction is that of suffering real anxiety or panic in instances where Internet connections are unavailable. In some cases, Internet addicts will specifically avoid traveling to anywhere they may face the prospect of being denied Internet connections for even a short period of time. Likewise, in the event that they are suddenly denied an Internet connection – dropping signal, flat battery, broken device etc. – they may exhibit signs of extreme agitation, nervousness and anxiety.

Workplace Issues

It’s also common for an individual’s working life to suffer at the hands of Internet addiction. In some instances, Internet addicts find themselves routinely contravening company policies and specific employee guidelines by remaining near-continuously connected to the web throughout their daily work and routines. Abusing Internet availability in the workplace is becoming relatively common these days, though when performance suffers and disciplinary action is taken, it is very possible that the individual in question may be facing an addiction.

Sleep Neglect

Last up, Internet addicts who find it extremely difficult to log off will often find their sleep patterns suffering as a result of their activities. Whether it’s turning in late almost every night, waking up during the night to check social media accounts or not being able to function properly in the morning without first logging on impulsively, these all have the potential to be symptoms of Internet addiction.