Natural remedies for tinnitus causes

Tinnitus Relief Treatment

Tinnitus Relief Treatment

Tinnitus is a common medical condition that is characterized by swishing, ringing and several noises that appears to be coming from the head or the ears. Even though it is not a very serious condition, it is generally one of the reasons that underlies other medical conditions. Due to this reason, it is extremely important to treat Tinnitus as soon as possible.

However, tinnitus can either be subjective or objective. In the case of subjective tinnitus the patient can hear the noise, whereas in case of objective tinnitus, the doctor can also hear the noise. Interestingly, due to the advancement in treatment, there are several tinnitus alternative remedies that doctors use to treat patients. Before going into the natural treatments, it is important to check out the causes of tinnitus.

What are the different causes of Tinnitus?

Even though isn’t clear what exactly causes tinnitus, it is assumed to be one of the problems as how your ear hears sound as well as how your brain interprets it. Here are some of the common causes of tinnitus.

1. Perforated eardrum- one of the primary cause of tinnitus is a perforated ear drum. This is caused by a hole in the eardrum. Now, the injury or tear might be caused by a loud noise, infection, changes in air pressure such as in scuba diving, when you at a high altitude or injury. Even though the eardrum heals within six weeks, many times it doesn’t.

2. Ménière’s disease- even though the actual cause of this disease is yet unknown, this is one of the reasons for causing tinnitus. The disease mainly affects the inner portion of your ears that results in the ringing noise. Due to the excess build up of fluid within the ear, it creates pressure within the ear and disturbs the balance,thereby resulting in tinnitus.

3. Otosclerosis- this is another condition which is mainly caused due to an abnormal bone remodelling within the ear. This abnormal bone remodelling disturbs the sound travelling within the ear and thereby causes tinnitus or a constant ringing.

Tinnitus alternate remedies

Herbs such as black cohosh, bayberry bark,Gingko biloba,Cornus and more have been proven to be effective in treating tinnitus.

Cornus- this is one of the common and the oldest remedies for treating tinnitus. Several recent studies have proved the efficiency of this herb in treating tinnitus and for recovering damage caused to your ear cells. One of the active ingredients of Cornus is ursolic acid that acts as an astringent to cure ear infections.

Hawthorn flower and leaf- Hawthorn is another herb that is extremely helpful in treating tinnitus. Apart from this, it controls high blood pressure, which is also a cause of tinnitus.

Gingko biloba- this is another traditional herb that is extremely helpful in treating and curing tinnitus. It effectively reduces the Ménière’s disease symptoms such as dizziness and hearing loss that is common in tinnitus. It also increases the blood supply towards your inner ear.

Black cohosh- black cohosh is a remarkable herbal remedy that cures the anxiety and nervousness associated with tinnitus. Taking the right amount of this herb helps reduce tinnitus effectively.