11.11.11 Medicine Wheel Ceremony in Sedona

You are invited to attend this once in a lifetime event in Sedona Arizona.
Sedona Shamanic Journeys in conjunction with the New Earth Alliance will be offering a Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony on 11/11/11 at 11:11am at Airport Mesa in Sedona.
Many prophecies world-wide say that this day will mark a special time in history where we are given the opportunity to choose between two paths. One will continue down the road of fear, worry, and pain, and the other will launch us into the new conscious awareness of unity (one tribe) and oneness, and a higher level of consciousness. We will learn to integrate the old ways back into our lives today. Spending more time in nature, honoring all things, and treating all things as sacred.
During the ceremony we will clear our energies with a smudge (sage) ceremony, release the past and create a vision of the future we want to experience. We will use the traditional Lakota ways of the Medicine Wheel as a tool to support us on our new path.

This is a free event offered to the public.

When: We meet on 11/11/11 at 10:30am, ceremony begins at 11:11am
Where: Meet in parking lot across from the look-out at the top of Airport Mesa. Airport Rd. West Sedona
Bring your drum, rattle, prayer fans, etc as ceremonial tools in the wheel.

For more information contact Rebekah 928.420.2077

The New Earth Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public of Native American History and re-integrating the old ways back into our lives today. When all things were sacred and treated with respect.

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